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Cannabis and Inflation
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Cannabis and Inflation: What Costs Are Going Up

Cannabis Investing
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280E Tax & How it Impacts Different Cannabis Verticals

Much appreciation to our friends at Würk who contributed this guest post to our blog.  Section 280E was initially introduced in 1982 with the anticipation of targeting illegal drug trafficking activities. Consequently, it has had..

cannabis insurance

How Cannabis Insurance Protects your Dispensary Staff and Storefront

Cannabis insurance is a crucial part of running a dispensary. As exciting as it is to launch a cannabis business, it can be a costly endeavor. For example, consider the initial price tag of the..

Directors and Officers Risk Management Tips

PLUS Webinar: Takeaways From a Cannabis Underwriter

This post was first featured in The Roundup — the place where insurance specialists from the Founder Shield family share their insights and takeaways from the panels, summits, conferences, etc., in which they participate side-by-side..

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Legal 101: Cannabis Business Licensing & Multiple Condition Contracts

Guest post contributed by Abe Cohn of THC Legal Group and can be read in full HERE Our cannabis attorneys are often asked to provide guidance in balancing and prioritizing cannabis agreements that are mutually..

Risk Management Tips

8 Best HR Practices for Your Cannabis Startup

This is a guest post from Amy Klimek, VP of HR at Startups cannot run their businesses the way established companies can. Established companies leverage their name and stability to attract the best talent in the..