Crop Insurance

As a cannabis business owner, you understand that success often comes with navigating unique risks — especially when it comes to safeguarding your crops. Our crop insurance policy is designed to provide the protection you need against potential losses due to unforeseen circumstances.

How our Crop Insurance Works

Our crop insurance operates as a safety net for your cannabis business. In the event of a loss, whether due to natural disasters, disease, or pests, you file a claim with us. After the claim is evaluated and approved, you receive compensation based on the policy terms. It’s about providing you with peace of mind to focus on what you do best — growing your business.

Who is Crop Insurance coverage for?

Crop insurance coverage is for specific cannabis growers or cultivators seeking to protect their investment. Whether you’re a small-scale operation just starting or a large, established farm, our policies are designed to suit your specific needs. Remember, cannabis is an industry with some limitations, making crop insurance a standard for indoor and greenhouse growers. However, outdoor cultivators often encounter some challenges getting this coverage.

Why do you need
Crop Insurance?

Protection from natural disasters: Weather conditions like floods, fires, or hail can devastate your crops.

Coverage against pests and diseases: These natural threats can seriously affect your yield.

Financial stability: Insurance payouts can help you cover losses and keep your business running.

Investor confidence: Showing you're insured can make you a more attractive investment.

What does Cyber Liability
Insurance cover?

Our crop insurance offers broad protection, covering:

Losses from weather events such as wind, hail, and fire

Losses due to plant diseases and pests

Damage or destruction due to vandalism or theft


Our Service Include:

Our Service Include:

Crop Insurance
Claim Examples?


Hail Damage

A sudden hailstorm damaged a cannabis grower’s outdoor crop. Their crop insurance covered the loss, allowing them to replant the following season.


Disease Outbreak

A fungus outbreak resulted in significant crop loss for a cannabis farm. Their insurance policy compensated for the damaged plants.



Intruders broke into a cultivation facility and stole mature plants. The grower’s crop insurance covered the loss, helping to stabilize their financial situation.


Fire Damage

A wildfire destroyed an entire cannabis farm. The crop insurance payout allowed the farmer to rebuild and replant.

Crop Insurance FAQ’s?