Whether employees steal from you, a thief robs your armored car, or you receive a forged check or fraudulent wire transaction, money theft happens in many ways. Crime insurance guards your cannabis company against damages from these particular crimes.

Who is Crime Insurance for?

Money theft impacts businesses of all sizes and developments. Plus, it manifests in many ways. Sometimes employees steal from the cashbox, or a thief robs your armored car while it’s in transit. Other times, your cannabis company might receive a fraudulent wire transfer or a forged check. No matter how money theft happens, it’s often incredibly damaging to businesses. 

Lamentably, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners report that US businesses will lose an average of 5% of their gross revenues to fraud alone. Crime insurance steps in to help protect your company against such devastating loss. This policy reimburses for losses of money, securities, and other tangible property.



Dispensaries face similar risks as other brick-and-mortar retailers, serving as the consumers’ first interface with brands.


Delivery Companies

Cannabis delivery companies are in higher demand now than ever and face more risks than ever before.


Financial Services

The financial services industry focuses on managing money and assets, from investing to lending.

Why you need Crime Insurance?

Helps cannabis companies recover from cybercrime

Protects your company from employee theft

Safeguards against social engineering

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Insider perpetrators cause over 37% of all commercial crimes.


1 in 3

Lack of controls contributes to 1 in 3 cases of internal fraud.



Embezzlement cases average roughly $350,000 in losses per incident.


What does Crime Insurance cover?

Crime insurance steps in to help protect your company against devastating blows, reimbursing for losses of money, securities, and other tangible property from criminal activity.

Employee Theft

Over 37% of commercial crime cases stem from inside the organization, such as employees or management.

Unauthorized Fund Transfer

It’s not uncommon for bad actors to pose as CEOs by hacking into the system and authorizing various illegal fund transfers.



When employees respond to seemingly legitimate emails, hackers can gain entry to sensitive information, such as files or even funds.



What Crime Insurance Does Not Cover

What Crime Insurance Does Not Cover

Crime Insurance Claim Examples?


Cash Drawer

An employee skims the cash drawer at the end of their shift.



A burglar breaks into a dispensary to steal products and money.


Forged Check

An employee accidentally accepts a forged check or counterfeit money from someone.

Crime Insurance FAQ’s?