Mastering Diversity, Capital Challenges, and Market Dynamics with Helene Servillon

In this episode with Helene Servillon, a Founding Partner from JourneyOne Ventures, takes us on an in-depth journey through the intricate landscape of the cannabis industry. Delve into the nuances of cannabis investments as Servillon illuminates the strategic significance of operational prowess and strategic networking.

Uncover the intricate dance between ancillary enterprises and plant-touching pioneers, gaining an unparalleled understanding of the ever-evolving market trends and obstacles. Peer into the world of regulatory intricacies and strategic mergers that are molding the industry’s trajectory, while gaining a glimpse of the upcoming cannabis landscape within a shifting legal paradigm.

Expand your expertise with a comprehensive grasp of the industry’s complexities, potential avenues, and the ingenious strategies that investors and entrepreneurs deploy. This podcast is a captivating expedition into the heart of the cannabis transformation, tailored to engage the most seasoned minds of the industry.

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