What Sets AlphaRoot Apart

Discover what sets Alpharoot apart in the cannabis industry!

Alpharoot is a specialized cannabis insurance company that offers customized coverage options to your businesses. But, what keeps us one step ahead of every other insurance company?

For starters, we know the cannabis industry in the US in and out. Whether there’s an update in a policy or law, we’re aware of everything!

The flexibility to meet your specific coverage needs, offer competitive rates, and the convenience of applying online from the comfort of your home are added bonuses of working with us.

Since we’re running a multi-state operation, we can insure your business in several states throughout the United States and ensure compliance everywhere.

Let’s have an insightful tour of everything Alpharoot could do for your business to reach new highs!

We’re Experts at What We Do

It’s well known that cannabis law and policy are very tricky. Most federal companies do not insure cannabis businesses due to legal and policy issues.

Entrepreneurs or small business owners who aren’t well aware of the intricacy of cannabis insurance may find themselves overpaying for their coverage due to the industry’s risky nature.

At Alpharoot, our experts keep updates on all cannabis laws and policies. Alpharoot’s founder handled 90% of the FounderShield cannabis book of business and has passed that knowledge down to all employees.

We not only insure your business, but we also help you grow with our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the cannabis industry!

Variety of Coverage Options

Alpharoot covers every part of the cannabis supply chain, from cultivation to distribution. We understand the diversity and complexities of each cannabis business and provide coverage according to your needs.

We offer general liability against basic business risks and go the extra mile to provide insurance against cyber, auto, crime, product liability, and many more. We take the time to find the problem areas within your business and provide you with the perfect insurance plan to fit your needs.

Once we start working together, we’ll schedule a risk audit that allows us to identify potential safety threats and offer you the best insurance to protect you from these risks.

We Value Your Convenience

While our headquarters are in New York, we run a multi-state operation all through the United States in compliance with the law of each state.

Alpharoot has an efficient and quick online website that lets you get a quote from the comfort of your home.

You can schedule a risk audit, get a quote for your insurance or look into the latest insights into the industry from our website!

All you need to do is create an account on our website to access dozens of insurance services and products.

We Don’t Break Your Bank

Alpharoot offers competitive rates for its policies. You can use our online portal, which automates getting a quote for your insurance.

Once you get a quote, we’ll pair you with coverage experts to create the perfect risk management strategy. We’ll go through your pain points and design a strategy that works only for your business at a price you’ll like!

We’re One Step Ahead

Here at Alpharoot, we have a team of cannabis law specialists. The cannabis industry is new, and going through constant changes. More states are legalizing cannabis and updating all their policies to accommodate the industry.

It’s critical to stay ahead of any changes in the industry. Our in-house team is well-versed and tapped into all developments within the cannabis industry. So, we can assure you; if there are any legal or policy changes, our team will accommodate you quicker than any other company.


When managing your business risk, you can leave no stone unturned. Choosing the right insurance provider is something that makes or breaks your business.

The cannabis industry is filled with several risks and challenges and demands tailored insurance for the cannabis industry.

Reach out to Alpharoot’s seasoned experts in the industry, and let’s talk cannabis insurance!

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