Dispensary Display Ideas

Innovative Dispensary Display Ideas to Elevate Your Sales

Attract customers & boost sales! Discover creative dispensary display ideas to elevate your store’s visual appeal and showcase products effectively.

The layout of a dispensary can make or break the customer experience — and your bottom line. Well-designed dispensaries help customers find new products they love and increase sales. Poorly designed ones create confusion and frustration. So what does it take to create a successful dispensary design? Here are a few dispensary display ideas to help you find success.

Know the Importance of Cannabis Dispensary Displays

Why bother with the time and the setup to create dispensary displays? How a dispensary is laid out can have a major impact on customer experience, satisfaction, and even the size of their purchase. This is true for both the recreational market and for medical marijuana dispensaries.

Dispensary displays are a tried and true retail tactic because they:

  • Enhance customer experience by showcasing new marijuana products
  • Create an educational experience with product information
  • Boost brand image by highlighting product diversity
  • Help increase sales and revenue
  • Educate customers on different products and consumption methods
  • Support compliance and transparency
  • Optimize floor space and create new foot traffic patterns
  • Adapt product features to market trends
  • Help inventory management

Dispensary Display Ideas to Help Boost Sales

When it comes to maximizing sales, dispensary displays can be a game-changer. Here are some creative ideas to help you transform your displays and watch your revenue climb.

Utilize the Side Walls and Floor Space for Cannabis Display

Get creative with how you use your space. Many dispensaries favor an open-concept layout allowing customers to see the entire store upon entrance.

Maximize space and visibility by taking advantage of creative use of space. Countertop displays are common, but where else can you display products?

Floor displays can help shift foot traffic into different patterns around your store, walking your customers past new products. Seasonal displays, holiday deals, and brand features are all good ways to rotate through different displays. Using wall space also helps draw your consumer’s eye, through the store

Rotating the products displayed creates a novel section in your retail location that can draw your customer’s eye in each time they visit.

Arrange Cannabis Displays and Products with Purpose

How is your dispensary organized? Do you have products arranged by potency? Consumption method? Brand? Are your displays arranged in a way to encourage traffic between and around them, or herding them in one direction towards the line?

Compliance regulations in your state will have an effect on how you can lay out your displays, but look for ways to get creative while remaining compliant.

Go Niche by Creating CBD Product Displays Separate

Hemp products are an area of growth for canna-curious consumers, and highlighting a variety of CBD products puts them right where your customer can see them. Having a CBD-only section allows your customers to explore cannabis products and benefits without getting high, a concern of many people who still want to benefit from the plant.

Call in an Expert in Cannabis Display Design

There’s a psychology behind the design of retail stores, so don’t be afraid to pull in an expert to get it done right. There are dispensary designers nationwide who can help you create the optimal layout for flow and customer experience. Ask to see past examples of client work or seek out case studies of the profit impact of good design. An expert can help you create focal points throughout the dispensary to draw customers in.

Create Interactive Marijuana Displays

In most states, customers can’t touch cannabis products before purchase, which begs the question — what can they touch in a dispensary?

Creating interactive cannabis displays gives your customer a memorable experience by engaging their senses. Rather than asking customers to wait in line, why not use a digital check-in process that allows them to view their position in the queue, and a touch-screen display where they can begin their product search by entering their wellness goals? Incorporating technology into your dispensary displays invites engagement.

Use Colors and Lighting to Spotlight Products

The right lighting in a retail space goes a long way (go back to the experts if you need help with the psychology of design.) Using different lighting techniques and colors to spotlight different products draws your consumers in with eye-catching displays. LED lights are increasingly popular for this in bud bar displays.

Awareness of a product is a key piece of the buyer’s journey, and rotating displays can serve as important brand touch points. If you’re using glass display cases to show products, different colors of lights can help break up white space and draw the eye in. Variety forces the eye to stop, monotony allows it to scan.

Incorporating Branding into Dispensary Displays

Branding is a tricky thing in this industry, with strict regulations on product packaging and advertising. However, brands can still carve out a recognizable identity, and these identities should be displayed throughout the dispensary. Creating a consistent branding experience for your cannabis dispensary brand helps create the customer experience and utilizing product branding helps your customer understand the products available.

Enhancing Customer Journey Through Dispensary Layout

One of the most important pieces in how your cannabis dispensary is laid out is how (and if) the customer can flow through the store. Where is the most foot traffic in your store? Can you place high-demand or high-ticket items along this route to entice bigger purchases? Are you optimizing your cash-out space to include impulse buys and hot new products?

Can people wander from case to case or do they need to follow a marked line? If your traffic must move in one way, how can you arrange the cannabis displays in such a way that allows people to discover products without leaving the line?

People need to know how they’re allowed to move around dispensaries — and this changes from state to state. Be sure your dispensary design is clear. If people can wander, invite them in from all directions with colors and enticing displays. If people need to adhere to the line, what can they shop as they wait?

Security Considerations in Cannabis Dispensaries

Of course, dispensaries are high-risk businesses for theft — so how can you balance aesthetics and displays with security and insurance requirements? Many dispensaries use locking glass display cases to show off products while having them securely stored away.

Understand what your insurance policies require to mandate coverage and build that into the design of your dispensary. Follow safety best practices for cameras, safes, monitoring high-value products and large amounts of cash. A cannabis dispensary is only as functional as it is safe, and security should never take a backseat to design. In the cannabis industry, the two go hand in hand.

If you need to shake things up at your dispensary, consider the layout of your displays. A well-designed store encourages customers to spend more time exploring, try new products, and spend more money.

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