Benzinga Conference 2023 Summary

Benzinga Conference 2023 Summary

Discover the rising popularity of cannabis debt financing and its impact on industry growth. Benzinga Conference 2023 insights reveal a promising future for the resilient and sustainable cannabis industry.

Top Retailers Are Battling Price Compression

The cannabis industry is experiencing major operational and financial challenges in 2023, largely due to federal illegality and the current economic climate.

Even the strongest businesses in the industry are considering significant restructurings, according to panelist Matt Hawkins, Managing Director at Entourage Effect Capital.

To navigate this period, many companies are seeking assistance from investment firms and law firms to restructure their business and ensure a successful future for the industry.

The leaders in the industry suggest several strategies for cannabis companies to remain competitive during this challenging time.

These include focusing on,

  • brand differentiation,
  • improving cultivation,
  • production efficiency,
  • increasing product diversification,
  • And developing strategic partnerships and collaborations.

They also stress the importance of staying adaptable and being able to quickly pivot in response to changes in the market. By taking a proactive and innovative approach, cannabis companies can navigate the challenges of price compression and maintain a strong foothold in the industry.

Overall, the cannabis industry is facing unprecedented challenges in 2023, and companies must take a proactive approach to ensure success.

With the right strategies, including brand differentiation, production efficiency, diversification, and partnerships, companies can navigate these challenges and remain competitive in the industry.

It is also essential for companies to remain adaptable and pivot quickly to respond to changes in the market to emerge stronger and more successful in the years to come.

Nurturing New Growth: Exclusive Insights into Where Growth Will Occur in 2023

The global legal cannabis market is set for significant growth in the coming years, with retail sales projected to exceed $33.5 billion by 2023 and nearly $57 billion by 2028.

This growth is being driven by increased legalization efforts and consumer demand for cannabis products, particularly in North America.

The number of US marijuana businesses is expected to exceed 165,000 this year, with flower products and the North American market experiencing the largest growth.

Despite flower accounting for 40% of overall marijuana sales in the US, alternative cannabis products such as beverages, vapes, edibles, and tinctures are also gaining in popularity.

While the industry faces regulatory and legal challenges, the overall trend is positive and presents significant opportunities for investors and businesses in the cannabis space.

As the legal cannabis market continues to grow, businesses and investors must keep an eye on where growth is likely to occur. The shift in consumer preference towards alternative cannabis products presents significant opportunities for those who can capitalize on this trend.

Reports suggest that there will be continued growth in the global cannabis market, and US sales are expected to surpass several other industries, including craft beer, chocolate, eggs, and topical pain relief.

Overall, the cannabis industry presents exciting opportunities for those who are willing to invest and innovate to meet the changing demands of consumers.

2023 Outlook for the Cannabis Market

The outlook for the cannabis market in 2023 is promising, with the global market expected to grow rapidly. By 2025, the global cannabis market is estimated to reach a value of $42 billion.

Following are a few predictions and trends that will define the outlook for the Cannabis market in upcoming years;

Federal Legalization

The United States is expected to continue legalizing cannabis, with federal legalization projected to occur by 2025.

Additionally, Europe is becoming a major market for cannabis, with countries like Germany and Italy legalizing medical cannabis.

Cannabis Products’ Popularity

Cannabis beverages are expected to become increasingly popular, with major alcohol companies entering the market.

Consolidation in the industry will also continue, with larger companies acquiring smaller ones.

Blockchain Technology

The use of blockchain technology is projected to increase, particularly for tracking and tracing products, and the cannabis industry will become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

R&D Surrounding Cannabis

Cannabis tourism will become more popular in countries where it is legal, and more research will be conducted on the potential health benefits of cannabis, particularly for treating conditions like anxiety and depression.

As the industry continues to mature, testing and quality control standards are also expected to become more rigorous – all of which lead to a well-developed cannabis industry.

Overall, the cannabis industry is poised for continued growth and innovation in 2023. With expanding legalization and increasing consumer demand, the industry presents significant opportunities for businesses and investors.

Debt Financing’s Popularity in 2023

Cannabis debt financing is becoming an increasingly popular option for companies in the cannabis industry looking to secure funding.

This is due to a variety of factors, including the ongoing federal illegality of cannabis, which makes it difficult for companies to access traditional banking and financing services. As a result, many cannabis companies are turning to alternative forms of financing, such as debt financing, to help fund their operations and grow their businesses.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of cannabis debt financing is the increasing involvement of institutional investors in the industry.

As the cannabis market becomes more established, seasoned investors are lured by its lucrative nature, looking for ways to invest in it.

Debt financing allows these investors to invest in the industry without taking on as much risk as they would with equity financing.

Additionally, debt financing can be an attractive option for companies, as it allows them to secure funding without having to give up ownership or control of their business.

Overall, the increasing popularity of cannabis debt financing suggests that the industry is becoming more sophisticated and is attracting a wider range of investors and financing options.


All in all, the Benzinga Conference 2023 provided investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts with the necessary insight that could facilitate them with decision-making.

While the primary concern among panelists remained to be price compression, they gave relevant information about industry trends – customer preferences, technological advancement, and research and studies surrounding the mighty cannabis sector in the US.

In 2023 and upcoming years, the cannabis industry will experience growth in every aspect, from unique, innovative products, to legalization under the Federal Law and everything in between, which will ensure that the cannabis market is productive, resilient, and sustainable.