AlphaRoot Insurance Best Practices For Cannabis Businesses

Discover top insurance practices for cannabis businesses. Get multiple quotes, expert advice, and stay covered.

The cannabis industry is rapidly developing, due to which it faces unique risks and obstacles. For long-term success, cannabis businesses must attain the protection of a credible insurance company like AlphaRoot.

Some of the best insurance practices AlphaRoot recommends include getting a quote from multiple insurers, working with someone experienced, keeping your policy up to date, and several other methods we’ll discuss below!

Cannabis firms face risks related to product liability, property damage, theft, and regulatory compliance at every production stage. An excellent insurance company will recognize the unique nature of these risks and minimize financial loss.

Recommended Practices

AlphaRoot recommends you consider these practices when getting your cannabis businesses insured:

Multiple Quotes

Since the cannabis industry is new, the amount of insurers offering coverage to cannabis businesses is few.

Cannabis insurance is also tricky, and all insurers will offer different rates. It’s important that before you commit to one insurance plan, you get quotes from multiple insurers.

Multiple quotes will help you get the best possible insurance for your needs at a competitive price.

AlphaRoot Insurance Broker

Due to cannabis being illegal in several states in the United States, it could be challenging to insure cannabis businesses. Most insurance brokers do not insure these businesses because of the industry’s specific needs.

You must find an insurance broker that has experience in the cannabis industry. If your broker is well versed in cannabis law, they can identify the weak points in your business and ensure that their coverage plans align with changing industry norms and regulations.

An experienced broker will allow you to concentrate solely on core operations and growth.

Understand Policy Limits

When purchasing insurance, you must be aware of your policy limits. Policy limits are the maximum amount of money your insurance company is willing to pay for a loss incurred by your business.

It is crucial to understand your policy limits to know the financial boundaries of your coverage. In the event of a claim, it is possible that your policy reaches its limit, and you have to pay the remaining amount out of your pocket.

If you believe the policy limits are insufficient, or the terms of your policy don’t serve the best interest; keep exploring your options!

Keeps Your Policy Up to Date

Cannabis law is changing. More and more states and countries are legalizing cannabis and trying to work cannabis production into the law. With the constant change in policies and regulations, it is significant to keep your policy updated.

When choosing your policy, make sure your broker is credible, and knowledgeable enough to update your policy if any federal-level changes take place.

As your business grows, your insurance needs will change. A new problem area may arise, so ensure that your policy is adaptable, and keeps your business protected at all times. AlphaRoot keeps this in mind always.

Report Claims Promptly

In the unfortunate event of a loss, you must promptly report to your insurance company. Quickly making your claim will allow your insurance company to start the process fast. This way the insurance company can offer you the assistance you need in due time.

Additional Tips for Your Cannabis Business

Here are some additional tips that will allow your cannabis business to run successfully

Be Aware of the Specific Risks

The cannabis industry faces several unique risks, such as theft, product liability, and regulatory compliance. Ensure you understand the specific risks your business faces and choose insurance coverage that can help protect you from those risks.

Right Amount of Coverage

The amount of insurance coverage you need will depend on the size and complexity of your business and the specific risks you face. Ensure you get enough coverage to protect your business from financial loss.

Keep Good Records

You must provide your insurance company with documentation to support your claim for a loss. Ensure you keep good records of your business operations, including financial, inventory, and customer records. Be sure to stay up to date with cannabis insurance news.


Insuring your cannabis business can seem like a daunting task, but it is critical for your business in the longer run. So, take time out to find the right insurance policy in the early stages of your business to allow your business to reach “highs” in no time!

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