How to Get a Cannabis License in Wyoming

Wyoming stands as one of the final bastions in the United States where cannabis remains entirely illegal, both for medical and recreational purposes. Medical marijuana dispensaries are an integral part of the cannabis business landscape in Wyoming.

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This guide delves into the intricacies of Wyoming’s stance on cannabis, exploring historical efforts toward legalization, potential future changes, and the hypothetical framework for obtaining cannabis licenses should legalization occur. Entrepreneurs must navigate through the intricate legal framework governing cannabis businesses in Wyoming.

Cannabis License Regulations in Wyoming

Wyoming’s legal framework strictly prohibits the possession, sale, and use of cannabis. Efforts towards legalization have seen little progress, reflecting the state’s conservative stance on cannabis. Despite this, discussions and legislative attempts hint at a gradual shift towards considering medical cannabis and decriminalization.

Adhering to local zoning regulations is crucial when completing license applications for cannabis business ventures and establishing a cannabis business.

Historical Context

Wyoming’s history with cannabis legalization efforts is marked by proposed bills that have yet to pass. Notably, HB106 and HB143 aimed to decriminalize small amounts and establish a medical cannabis program, respectively. However, both bills stalled, leaving Wyoming without legal avenues for ca40nnabis use​​.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, activists and legislators in Wyoming eye 2024 for potential ballot measures that could introduce medical cannabis or decriminalize its use. The passage of such measures would lay the groundwork for a regulated cannabis market, including licensing processes for various aspects of the cannabis industry​​​​.

Regulatory bodies may also require disclosure of gross annual revenue as part of the license application process.

Types of Cannabis Licenses in Wyoming (Hypothetical)

In the event of legalization, Wyoming would likely establish several types of cannabis licenses, mirroring models seen in other states. Wyoming cannabis license would cover cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, retail, lab testing, cannabis event organization, and microbusinesses.

Understanding the appropriate license type for your intended cannabis business activity is essential. Each category would have specific regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance and safety. Once the licenses are available, we’ll also acquire an accurate license fee structure.


Cultivation licenses would allow businesses to grow cannabis legally, setting guidelines for plant tracking, security, and environmental practices. This sector would cater to both medical and potential recreational markets, emphasizing quality and safety in production.


Manufacturers would process cannabis into various products, including edibles, tinctures, and topicals. Licensing would focus on product safety, labeling, and potency standards, ensuring consumers receive consistent and safe products.


Distribution licenses would bridge the gap between producers and retailers, managing the logistics of transporting cannabis products within legal guidelines. This sector would ensure that only licensed entities handle cannabis, maintaining product integrity and regulatory compliance.


Retail licenses would allow dispensaries to sell cannabis products directly to consumers. This sector would require strict adherence to sales regulations, including age restrictions, product labeling, and consumer education.

Additional Licenses

Lab testing, event organizing, and microbusiness licenses would address specific niches within the cannabis industry, ensuring comprehensive regulatory oversight across all market aspects.

How to Get a Cannabis License in Wyoming?

The process for obtaining a cannabis license in Wyoming remains speculative until legislation is passed. However, it would likely involve:

  1. Research and Preparation: Understanding state laws and regulatory requirements.
  2. Business Planning: Developing a detailed business plan addressing operational, financial, and compliance aspects.
  3. Application Submission: Completing and submitting a license application, including required documentation and fees. An initial application fee must be paid alongside license fees for consideration.
  4. Compliance Measures: Implementing standard operating procedures to ensure ongoing compliance with state regulations.

Staying Compliant

Future licensees interested in engaging in commercial cannabis activity necessitate compliance with state regulations, local ordinances, and operational standards. Regular audits, employee training, and record-keeping would be crucial to maintaining a cannabis license in Wyoming.

Legal References and Citations

Legalization efforts and potential licensing frameworks would be based on specific bills and regulations passed by the Wyoming legislature. Interested parties should closely monitor legislative sessions and official communications for updates on cannabis policy in Wyoming.


While Wyoming currently lacks a legal cannabis market, the evolving landscape of cannabis legislation across the country suggests that change may be on the horizon. By staying informed and prepared, businesses and individuals can position themselves to navigate the complexities of future cannabis licensing in Wyoming effectively.