How To Build a Cannabis Community With Tyler Wakstein & Kim Dudine of Trailblazers


This week Eric & Isaac are joined by the leadership team from Trailblazers who are pioneers within the cannabis industry.

Tyler Wakstein is a community builder, business development executive and creative director. Tyler is passionate about using business as a tool to drive positive social change. Today he spends his time as the cofounder of Trailblazers Presents, a Cannabis leadership platform. He is also the CEO of OpenNest a holding company that invest and advises wellness consumer and entertainment companies.

“It’s a challenging time there’s no doubt, but it’s also an exciting time and l couldn’t be more hopeful and optimistic about the future for cannabis and psychedelics…”

Kim Dudine is a seasoned Business Development professional. Having built and designed global business strategy and proposals for over 10 years. She joined Trailblazers two years ago as Director of Strategy & Membership. Kim also leads Trailblazers’ wellness program from her experience facilitating consciousness expansion retreats.

On the podcast they talk about how you are who you surround yourself with, how to build a community of leaders, and where it all began for Trailblazers, trends within the current cannabis industry as a whole right now, the current climate and much more.

We are very fortunate to have such pioneers in industry as our first Roots to Risk guests.

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