Isaac Bock

Isaac Bock


Isaac Bock, as the Managing Director and Head of Strategy at AlphaRoot, is at the forefront of revolutionizing cannabis-based insurance. His journey began at Founder Shield in 2017, where he distinguished himself through innovative strategies and a deep understanding of the insurance landscape. In spearheading AlphaRoot, Isaac has become a pivotal figure in redefining outdated perceptions of holistic medication. His unique approach centers on building strong relationships, firmly believing in the influence of one's professional circle. Isaac's dedication to excellence is evident in both the insurance sector and the evolving world of cannabis, where he continuously strives to set new standards. His vision extends beyond current achievements, aiming to shape a future where holistic approaches are seamlessly integrated into mainstream insurance practices.

Authored articles

Hiring in the Cannabis Industry
Employment Practices Liability

Grow Your Team, Grow Your Business: A Practical Guide to Hiring in the Cannabis Industry

So you want to grow your team — where to begin? Hiring is a task that every business owner has to face at one point or another, but hiring in the cannabis industry comes with..

Insurance Strategies for New York
Risk Management Tips

Essential Cannabis Insurance Strategies for New York This 2024

The cannabis industry in the US is booming. With the legalization of recreational cannabis in 2021, New York’s cannabis market attracts several cannabis entrepreneurs towards the lucrative business. Since the cannabis market is new, the..

Cannabis Insurance Renewal Process
Risk Management Tips

Ready, Set, Renew! Master Your Cannabis Insurance Renewal Process

Renewing your cannabis insurance isn’t the most exciting task a cannabis business owner has. In fact, it probably ranks on the list of the most dreaded tasks.  We get it — risk management is rarely..

Illinois’s Flourishing Cannabis Industry
Risk Management Tips

Illinois Cannabis and its Flourishing Industry

With the rise of legal cannabis markets across the country, Illinois stands out as a prime example of a thriving adult-use market. The landscape of marijuana sales in Illinois has changed significantly ever since the..

Missouri Cannabis Landscape
Risk Management Tips

Navigating Missouri Cannabis Landscape for 2024

The cannabis industry in Missouri is booming, with state regulators closely monitoring dispensaries licensed to sell marijuana products. Not only did they legalize sales, but they met significant benchmarks well within a year. Now, the..

What Is a Metrc Manifest?
Risk Management Tips

What Is a Metrc Manifest? Here’s What You Should Know

If you’re in the legal cannabis industry, chances are you’ve heard of Metrc. This software platform tracks the movement of recreational and medicinal cannabis products and is actually mandatory for use in 21 states. Despite..

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